【TEDxGlobisU チケット販売開始&スピーカー発表!】*English follows

「Ideas Worth Spreading; 価値あるアイデアを広める」というTEDの精神を受け継いだ「TEDxGlobisU」をオンラインにて開催いたします。



日時:9月20日(日) 9:30~19:30 







1.トークチケット (申込締切:9/12 23:55)5,500円

2.ワークショップチケット (申込締切:9/10 23:55)  1,100円



【TEDxGlobisU Tickets Now on Sale and Speakers are Announced!】

“TEDxGlobisU” will be held online, inheriting the TED spirit of “Ideas Worth Spreading” with the talks by seven diverse and unique speakers, followed by a workshop discussing “betterment of our society”.

■Event Information

Date/Time: Sunday, September 20th, 2020 from 09:30 to 19:30 JST

*The end time may vary.
*Participants without workshop ticket will leave the conference at 17:00.

Venue: Online Zoom Conference

Agenda: TEDx talk by seven speakers and workshop

Language :

  1. TEDx talk - Japanese audio
  2. Workshop - Japanese only
  3. Other contents -  Japanese audio

*Detailed program will be separately sent to the registered email address once finalized.

■Why Join Us
①TEDx talk by speakers from diverse and unique backgrounds 
②Opportunity to deepen your understanding of the talks 

③Workshop to “find your COMPASS” (held in Japanese language)

■Speaker Profile (in Japanese alphabetical order)

Click here for speaker information

■Ticket Information

  1. TEDx talk ticket(registration close by 11:55 p.m. Sep 12th)  5,500 JPY
  2. Workshop ticket (registration close by 11:55 p.m. Sep 10th)        1,100 JPY

      Workshop ticket  is only available with the purchase of a TEDx talk ticket